When Bad Sport-Inspired Fashion Happens to Stylish People

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end tomorrow and with London, Milan and Paris still up, we’ll have lots more coverage for you. But first, let’s turn to street-style. If you need a quick overview, I wrote a piece about the phenomenon for up! magazine but basically, photos outside a fashion show are just as important as the ones inside these days. Editors, stylists, show-goers dress up and often get photographed for the hundreds of different street-style blogs.

Scrolling through photos (it’s addictive) I came across these images. Sport-inspired fashion and athletic wear is major this season and as we’ve seen in some of the fall 2012 collection, it’s going strong so it will be around for a long time.

It’s no surprise then, that fashion editors are experimenting with the trend. But why like this? Keep in mind, these women are all senior fashion editors working at well-known New York fashion magazines and are often photographed in incredibly fashionable outfits, so I know they have plenty of style. And yet, it’s like their gym bags and front closets threw up on them and that was it. I am especially disappointed in Mary Kate Steinmiller (right) as she’s usually so put together in a chic but simple way. I have a feeling this might be an inside joke that the rest of us don’t get.

The sport-inspired street-style photos below on the other hand, are perfection. It’s all about a subtle sport vibe, otherwise, you might as well just go to the gym.


Photos from top of post: Both single looks by Anthea Simms for Flare.com; group sport photo by All The Pretty Birds; plaid jacket and cap by Tommy Ton; left single photo by All The Pretty Birds; sneakers shot unknown source.


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