Pebble Beach Recap: Back in Black


The above photo sums up this past weekend at Pebble Beach perfectly. Phil was a step ahead of everyone and trounced Eldrick Woods by 11 shots on Sunday (that’s not a typo). Is it just us, or has Phil lost a few pounds this year? Or maybe it’s just that he always looks his best in an all-black ensemble. Now, if we could only work on Phil’s bad shoes, the look would be complete.

As the “Black Knight” Gary Player taught us, black-on-black is a go-to look on the course. And the finishing touch: black-on-white wingtip shoes. This summer you can steal the Gary Player signature look with these traditional wingtips by Allen Edmonds.

And if we needed another reason to hate Bill Belichick (and we don’t), here it is. This is the final straw. Our prediction from last week came true. He did it. He actually wore a hoodie at Pebble Beach. Belichick should be thankful that Clint is in his 80s or else he would have kicked his ass all the way back to Gillette Stadium. -CH

Photos: Top photo by Jeff Gross, Getty Images; Gary Player by David Cannon, Getty Images; vintage Gary Player,; Bill Belichick, AP.


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