The New King of New York

It’s true: you can’t spell “elite” without E-L-I.  The smoke has cleared from the Super Bowl and NYC’s new King is making the rounds: Disneyland, Letterman, etc. But when it comes to the other King of New York, I think it’s safe to say that Broadway Joe will forever have the edge when it comes to the style factor. No one loves Eli more than us here at Game of Style, but it’s clearly time someone stepped in (we give it a few more days before Anna Wintour tries to get her hands all over him).

Here he is at Disney World this week, followed by Letterman the next day. Wait a minute…is that the same outfit? It is! Eli, you have to wear the show outfit for the cameras pre-segment too.

  And just like that, Broadway Joe’s title as the NFL’s one true fashion icon will be forever safe. The man wore full-length fur jackets on the sidelines for God’s sake.

As for Eli, Giants fans will gladly accept him as the definition of a football nerd. If all he cares about is football and winning Super Bowls, that’s just fine by them. The good news is that you probably won’t see this from Eli down the road.


Photos: Eli Manning, Disneyland, Getty Images North America; Manning before Letterman, Fame Flynet Pictures; Joe Namath, Associated Press Images


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