Thom Browne’s Jocks

“Did you see the Thom Browne collection,” my friend Rita asked me last week. “There was even a pink football helmet, perfect for Game of Style.”

Bad fashion journalist, I forgot to check out the last of the menswear collections last week so I went to immediately and couldn’t get enough of Browne’s weird and wonderful fall 2012 line-up. As’s Tim Blanks put it: “Browne described a scenario where Punks face off against Jocks. It was almost high school in its commonplaceness.”

CH commented that some of the looks reminded him of the characters that accompanied Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. I thought they were a mix of Uncle Fester, Edward Scissorhands and characters from Beetlejuice (the zombie football players and the shrinking head guy). A fashion show is, just that, a show but behind the steroid-fueled silhouettes and spiked masks (see the punks and the entire collection here), there were some great menswear pieces: the cashmere sweaters, the striped blazer, and all of the plaids.

True to Rita’s prediction, we’re also partial to the pink helmet (more a rugby scrum hat/water polo cap than football helmet probably) and the skirt/jacket combo that added a humorous twist to the show’s overwhelming feeling of defiant masculinity.




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