Rock ‘n’ Roll Golf and Djoko’s Domination

The unofficial start to the golf season happened this weekend. The European Tour had its first big event in Abu Dhabi, while the PGA season started at Torrey Pines.

All the marquee names were in Abu Dhabi, where Robert Rock (fantastic name, but even better hair) held off both Rory McIlroy and Eldrick Woods. (Every day that Eldrick doesn’t win is a great day at Game of Style.) Rock’s steady rise in the world golf rankings has earned him a sponsorship with J. Lindeberg. Effortless might be the right word in describing Rock’s style. Rock always looks good, and never tries too hard.  His Sunday outfit said it all: No loud colours, just classic (check), fitted shirt and pants (we are looking squarely at you Eldrick) and great shoes (they look to be the Footjoy Icons). Well played Robert.


Over in tennis land, the Aussie Open lived up the the incredible hype, delivering the four best in the semis and another Novak and Rafa final. If this wasn’t enough, we were treated to an epic  five-hour five setter with Murray and Rafa, and then an almost SIX hour finale. Simply ridiculous. With Novak’s fifth major, we can start talking about the Novak Slam, and maybe even whisper about a Grand Slam? Yeah, I said it.

That being said, what was with the Hulkamania celebration? It’s these kind of things that rub us the wrong way when it comes to Djoko.


Photos: Robert Rock by Scott Halleran, Getty Images Europr; Novak Djokovic by Cameron Spencer, Getty Images AsiaPac; Hilk Hogan,



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2 responses to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Golf and Djoko’s Domination

  1. manaboutcowtown

    I agree that there is something to dislike about Djokovic but for me it is all when he is on the court — and might even be part of what makes him so good right now. But after the match, in the award ceremonies he says things like “it’s too bad there has to be a loser.” What other major sport do you see that kind of statement made in? Hats of to Rafa as well who as always was charming and gracious even though they both looked like they were about to collapse.

  2. MG

    Completely agree! Rafa and Federer are always class acts and therefore you want them to win, where Dojoko is just happy with how he turned out so his victories don’t seem as sweet.

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