Final Presser Pre-Super Bowl

As MG famously put it, “If football was this exciting all the time, I would watch more often.” Championship Sunday lived up to the hype with two riveting, back-and-forth games. The Pats and Giants survived giving us the rematch everyone wanted: Tom vs. Eli. (a.k.a. The Cool vs. The Nerd). So one last time—at least for the next seven months—here’s our take on press-conference style.

Moving On
Brady vs. Manning Part 2. Stylish Tom Brady gets a chance at revenge with our fave Eli and the upstart G-Men in this year’s edition of the Super Bowl. The golden child of the NFL looked smooth after victory with his velvet jacket (nice) and the pocket square was also a handsome touch. Eli gets a free pass. Why you ask? Because we say so.

Going Home
What exactly is the deal with Alex Smith and his bowling shirts? And check out the name on this one. We let it go last week, but two Sundays in a row is just too much. Is it possible that his bowling league happens to be on Sunday nights? Why aren’t more people asking about this? It absolutely should have been the first question at the press conference. We still feel 100 per cent convinced Joe Flacco put a hex on the Ravens with that ‘stache. He might have silenced his critics with his performance, but this look had to be involved in their hard-luck loss, right? I mean, he missed a chip shot.

Did we mention we like the G-Men in the Super Bowl?



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  1. manaboutcowtown

    Go Pats!

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