The Aussie Open in Questions

As winter reared its ugly head in Alberta this week, we set our sights on warmer climates. The Aussie Open kicked off this week and the we’ve got some burning questions:

Can Novak maintain his ridiculous form from last year?
Is Rafa healthy and ready to challenge?
Can Roger win one more major?
Is Andy Murray finally going to win one?
There’s a Canadian threat?
(No, seriously. Canada has a new young star in Milos Raonic. Fresh off his second ATP title, the young gun has a legitimate chance at going deep into the tournament.)
Is there anyone more unlikable right now in tennis than Andy Roddick?

If this wasn’t enough to get the excitement going, there seems to be a rift in the Rafa/Roger rivalry. Rafa called Roger out this past weekend on not being vocal enough on player issues, especially the grueling schedule the professionals have to put up with.  It seems this friendly, respectful rivalry has taken an ugly turn. If the tennis Gods are listening, is it too much to ask for a Roger/Rafa semifinal? That and maybe throw in an early Roddick exit.





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