NFL Divisional Playoffs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Part 2

Back by popular demand (OK, maybe just a couple of readers), we had to take one more look at style (or lack thereof) in the post-game press conferences. Where to start? After the divisional round, the champs were dethroned, the Saints were sent marching and the Pats are looking for another Super Bowl. Style-wise, there were some hits, some misses and some train wrecks.

The Good:

Two words 49ers fans: Vernon Davis. After making the biggest play in two decades of 49er-football, Davis brought his A-game to the presser as well. Love the scarf (in 49ers’ red) and the solid leather jacket. Some weekends, the selection can be a little thin, so Mr. Brady sneaks in here. I think we can agree that he missed a button.

The Bad:

Aaron Rodgers may win the MVP but this look won’t be up for any awards. Tebow Mania can rest in peace (at least for the next seven months) and so should this look (a.k.a. the high school graduation look in the 1990s).

The Ugly:

Joe, Joe, Joe: We’re speechless. How do you expect to beat Tom Terrific and the Pats next weekend looking like this? And then there’s Vince Wilfork, who must be channeling his inner-state trooper here. We’ll give him a bit of a break though as it’s probably tough to get great clothes when you’re a 350lb-defensive linemen (plus, he seems like one scary individual).


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