Jonah Loves Rudy (The Golden Globes Edition)

I’ve never understood how some people (mostly men, it would seem but I don’t want to gender stereotype) PVR/record games (hockey, football, anything really) and will still watch them after the fact, even if they know who won and what happened. But I realized recently that I do the same thing with awards shows. Officially obsessed, I have to seriously focus on an awards show to really enjoy it, and if we’re out that night, or watching with friends, it’s likely I will be recording the show at home and might even watch it again, even if I know who won.

Last night, the Golden Globes were on and between the red carpet show and Eli’s big win, I am sure our neighbours were not happy about the noise. “You have to see what she’s wearing,” I’d scream at CH from the living room. “The champs are gone and Eli is in,” CH would yell at me from the other room.

Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt were both nominated for Moneyball. I have yet to see the movie (CH says it’s good) but unfortunately (I think), neither of them won. Both looked dapper and I love Hill even more since reading a little piece of information about him in a recent issue of Newsweek. The magazine asked him to pick his Top 5 sports classic films and Rudy was on his list. You see, I love Rudy probably more than any other sports film out there (Lucas is also on my list, minus Charlie Sheen). That last scene when everyone is chanting “Rudy, Rudy,” kills me every time. (I feel the tears coming just thinking about it.)

As for those Golden Globes, here are some of my favourite looks from the night:

Claire Danes in J. Mendel, Viola Davis (not the one-shoulder so much but the colour) in Pucci (really).

Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka and Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci Premiere (but I didn’t love it as much as my friend Leah). I also loved Emily Blunt’s yellow dress but I can’t find a photo of it anywhere online.


Red carpet photos: Just Jared


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