NFL Wildcard Weekend: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The first round of the NFL playoffs came and went, and just like that, only eight teams are left in the chase for the Superbowl. As great as the games were this past weekend (Tebow!) we can’t help but be fascinated with post-game press conferences.  When did this become must-see TV? Without further adieu, here’s what we saw after the final down. Let’s do this!

The Good:
Arian Foster brought his “A” game both on and off the field. He led the Texans to their first ever playoff win, and looked good doing it. We thought the “Logo” haircut was tremendous and he topped it off with a solid ensemble in his post-game presser. Did we mention he likes to throw in bowties? Well played, Arian, well played.

The Bad:
Tebow Mania is in full swing and it cannot be stopped—until this Saturday, that is. Was Tebow heading straight to a ski lodge to celebrate his first playoff win? I get it, it’s Colorado, you’re in the Rockies, but this is what you come out in after your biggest game to date? Lindsey Vonn might be at work here…

The Ugly:
We need to have a sitdown with Big Ben. Please do not wear a hat like this ever again! Arian Foster looks good in a fedora, you on the other hand…Clearly the football Gods saw this outfit before the game and made their decision.  If I knew before the game what Ben was going to wear at the presser, I would have bet the house on the Broncos.





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2 responses to “NFL Wildcard Weekend: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Sean Breslin

    Nice to see them trying to be stylish…better than white t-shirts and ballcaps.

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