Bali’s Game of Style

We’re back! It was an amazing trip and as expected, went by way too quickly. We hope you enjoyed the Style Picks from the last couple of weeks and as we get back into the swing of things this week, we’ve got a few more photos to share. First up, our favourite sport/style photos from Bali. If you’ve been to that part of the world, you know that everyone gets around by scooter/motorbike. We couldn’t get over the number of people that locals could fit on one scooter and sometimes, all you could see were tiny little hands poking out in the middle between two adults.

A young local bends it like Beckham.

And here’s my attempt at Tebowing at a water temple.

Tomorrow, we’ll share a few more Bali photos and Wednesday, it’s Singapore’s Game of Style.


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2 responses to “Bali’s Game of Style

  1. K. Hitchcock

    Not a bad attempt @ Tebowing, needs a little work though . . . . .

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