Off to the Races


The title of this post refers to two things: the latest track to emerge from Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album, and maybe more importantly, racer-back tops and dresses.

First, if you haven’t heard yet, the enigma that is Lana Del Rey will be the musical guest on the Jan. 14th episode of Saturday Night Live and Grantland had a hilarious article yesterday suggesting five possible SNL sketches for her. Everyone loves to hate Del Rey but I kind of like her catchy tunes and 90’s mom long nails. Plus, her songs kind of remind me a bit of Shakespeare’s Sister (remember “Stay”). On a side note, I really want to give that tattoo boy in the “Born to Die” video a serious haircut.

And now, on to racer-backs. CH and I are heading to warmer lands on Friday so I’ve been revisiting my summer wardrobe and it dawned on me yesterday how much I love racer-back tank tops. Maybe it’s nostalgia for childhood swim classes when I used to sport my Speedo racer-back one-piece or, more likely it’s because I think racer-back tops make everyone’s arms and shoulders look really, really good.

Our own love-to-hate-him Sartorialist Scott has a great trio of racer-back images here and above, an Alexander Wang leather racer-back dress from Net-A-Porter.


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