The Elements of Fan Style

When it comes to supporting the home team with your attire, here are 5 rules to follow:

1. Show some restraint. To the constant barrage of fans wearing a head-to-toe ensemble (think jersey, hat, wig, socks etc.), yes, we get it, you are a super fan. But less is always more. For example, Jay-Z supporting the Evil Empire? Smooth, the hat says it all. On the other hand, Spike Lee taking in his beloved Knicks, oh boy. What happened to you Spike? We want to see more of this Spike (left), and less of this Spike (right).


2. Wear something that fits and not something that is made for a 326-lb defensive tackle. A jersey that reaches your knees is never, ever a good look. A jersey should fit well, like any other piece of clothing you love.

3. When in doubt, go vintage. Classic uniforms from back-in-the-day will always separate you from the masses. Vintage pieces demand respect from your fellow fans as they prove you are steeped in history and know the score when it comes to your beloved team. And the added bonus: You don’t have to worry about the old-school legend bolting your team during free agency or demanding a trade—cut to all the Cleveland Cavaliers fans who are nodding their heads right now.

4. Bring a change of clothes if you’re going somewhere other than the sporting venue, or bring a jacket to throw over your game style. There’s no need to parade around town pre- and post-game in your jersey.

5. Varsity/Letterman jackets are hot right now so take full advantage of the trend by getting one made with a subtle, I repeat, subtle, logo/symbol of your sports team.


Photos: Jay-Z courtesy of Sipkin News; Spike Lee. left by Nick Laham/Getty.Images; Spike Lee, right by Mary Altaffer/AP.


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