The Mullet’s Origin

In the January issue of Lucky magazine, Brandon Holley’s Editor’s Letter is titled, “The Fashion Mullet.” Holley, who took over the magazine last year, writes that her secret uniform, everyday dressing comes down to the “Mullet Rule,” which she defines as “something simple and classic paired with something playful.” Nothing really revolutionary there and really, just another interpretation of high-low dressing, but it’s Holley’s take on the mullet’s origin that peaked our interest.

She writes: “The ’80s hairstyle popularized by Canadian hockey players balances two opposing ideas—business in the front, party in the back.” We all know the business/party ratio but I had no idea the hairstyle was popularized by Canadian hockey players. There are lots of mullets in the NHL, I’ll give Holley that, and although I love the shout-out to not only hockey players but Canadian hockey players, in this case, I don’t think we can give them all the credit. Well, except maybe Smytty.

In addition to the Bowie mullet and Kate Moss’s take on the cover of the December issue of Paris Vogue, here are two more famous mullets below. And check out one of my favourite trends recently, the mullet dress.



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