Sport in Fashion Print: December

One of my favourite sport-inspired fashion spreads so far is in December’s Vogue (p.300-303). In “Quick-Change Artist,” conceptual artist Rachel Perry was interested in getting herself into the photographs in as concealed a way as possible, she says. The result is four optical illusion images that you have stare at for a few seconds to see where the fashion begins and the background ends. Speaking of, do you remember those posters in the 1990s that you’d have to stare at for so long sometimes to see the image? I think my friend Penny had one in her parents’ basement.

In this spread, there are two other shots but sticking with our trademark sport theme, these two are my favourite.

On the left, it’s an Alexander Wang helmet, cotton jacket and pants. (Wang was inspired by NASCAR, BMX and motocross for spring.) On the right, it’s a Prada floral golf bag and jacket.

GQ features five of the “highest-soaring dunkers,” all clad in suits in their fashion editorial, “Ready to Fly.” “Who knew the NBA would become a springboard for personal style?” the mag asks. Oh we did, GQ.

Below: Russel Westbrook in a Prada suit.

And finally, T Magazine has a short Q+A with pro golder Lexi Thomson.


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