A Tale of Two Marios (a.k.a. Sorrenti’s Sneakers)

When CH and I were in New York in September, we made the obligatory stop at the Chelsea Market and as always, I had to grab a coffee at Ninth Street Espresso (so good). Right in front of us in line was none other than photographer Mario Sorrenti. Since I am one of those not-so-cool people that gets really excited about a celeb spotting, I secretly snapped a photo of…the back of Mario, stirring his coffee. And then I tweeted: “Just grabbing a coffee behind Mario Testino,” to which my photographer friend Brent tweeted back immediately and told me that I should tell him how much he (Brent) loves his (Sorrenti’s) Kate Moss photographs.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized I said Testino and not Sorrenti in my tweet. Oops. At least they both take stunning photos of Kate Moss (Sorrenti even dated her back in the day). Post-sighting, CH and I discussed at length the sneakers Sorrenti was wearing that day. Although I can’t be sure (I didn’t zoom in on his feet), I think they were Nike Free Runs, the black ones with a white sole. He wore them with dark jeans and a dressy jacket and pulled the whole look off handsomely I have to say.


On a sort of related note, when I Image Googled “Air Flex” (that’s what I thought those Nikes were called initially), this awesome Surface to Air wedge came up. Serendipitous.

And for those of you not familiar with his work, the December Vanity Fair Scarlett Johansson cover and editorial inside are some his most recent photographs.

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