High, High Tops

I instantly loved the look of the above Marc by Marc Jacobs kicks from his spring 2012 show (also bottom row below) and below left, the Isabel Marant sneakers and Aldo’s much more affordable take on the right. But on closer inspection, I realized that all of these high tops have a hidden wedge, taking the high much higher (sorry, had to).

Years ago, I bought a pair of booties by 80%20, a NY-based company that specializes in the hidden wedge. I still wear them and they’re super comfortable but they’re also not sneakers and aren’t supposed to look like something I could run in. The idea of putting a hidden wedge in a sneaker completely defeats the purpose of what is supposed to be a comfortable shoe. In this case, you have to be one or the other so get it together fashion! I realize it’s gimmicky, like most things in the fashion world, but since it’s Monday and I probably have the Monday blues (I am typing this on Sunday so I can’t be 100 per cent sure but the chances are high) I just wanted to let you know how much I dislike the idea of a hidden-wedge sneaker, no matter how pretty it is.





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