Federer Is Not Done Yet

MG and I only bestow the honour of a first-name basis to a select few athletes. Roger sits near the top of our list.

Just when everyone was writing him off, Roger showed up at the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London and crushed the competition. His “decline” has been drastically exaggerated. He came to the event on a mission, highlighted by his absolute dismantling of Rafa, and then exercising some demons against Tsonga in the final for his record-breaking 6th ATP Finals title.

There is no doubt he is on the downside of a historic career, but talk of him fading into the tennis sunset has been premature.  Federer’s sublime athleticism and ridiculous fitness will no doubt keep him in tennis elite for many more years. We say bring on Joko at the Aussie Open!

MG: “I say bring on the Anna Wintour crowd sightings.”

Federer top photo by AP/Luca Bruno

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