The NBA is Back (We Think)

On the brink of losing an entire season, the NBA looks like it saved its season with an abbreviated year commencing at Christmas. After coming off of one of the most enthralling seasons in recent memory, a deal had to be made to move forward.

So here we go: Can the Lakers and the Celts make one more run? Can the Mavs bottle what they captured last year? Will this be the year LeBron  finally takes over and helps D-Wade and the Heat get to the title? Where will Dwight Howard end up? (He looks Laker-bound to us.)

But what we’re most looking forward to this upcoming season are the post-game press conferences! NBA players have been stepping up their style and we can’t wait for the next act. My personal favourites (and current man crushes) are the OKC Thunder’s dynamic duo, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. In last year’s playoffs KD’s backpack took on a life of its own and Russell Westbrook was absolutely killing it with great glasses and stellar cardigans. So here’s hoping they can keep rocking their game on the court, and their style off the court.


Photos: Kevin Durant photo by Eric Gay, Associated Press; Russell Westbrook photo by Mike Ehrmandd, Getty Images; game photo by Todd Williamson, WireImage.

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