The Sartorialist Loves Stretchy Pants*

I know it pisses him off so I try not to reblog any of his photos but this time, I just had to for a couple of reasons. Last week. The Sartorialist posted the above image with this caption:

“I love that moment in the day when people are going to the gym from work or to home from the gym.  The reality of switching between such different environments and the combinations it creates can often be as inspiring as a runway show. This is a subgenre of the style world I will be keeping a close eye on for the next few winter months.”

First reason is that he’s right in that pre- and post-gym attire, when well done, can be inspiring and this image is awesome. (When done wrong however, it can be disastrous but I don’t think I need to talk about yoga pants and heels here.)

On a personal note, last Friday, after a noon yoga class, I went downtown to check out some shops.  I already had to carry my heavy mat so I was trying to carry as little else as possible and didn’t bring a change of clothes. Over my legging-like yoga pants and yoga top, I threw on a Joe Fresh striped dress and then my long Joe military jacket and a scarf. I had knee-high boots over my leggings and high socks peeking out of the top of the boots.

While in BCBG Max Azria, the saleswoman came up to me and said: “I love your outfit today.” In my usual self-deprecating way when someone gives me a compliment, I stuttered and said something like: “This is what you call a post-yoga outfit.” In my defense, I was sort of taken aback. But it definitely inspired me to pay more attention than I already do (minimal) to my post-yoga-class attire from now on.

I am sure gym-goers in New York take this to a whole other level and I can’t wait to see The Sartorialist document it.

The second reason I had to post this is that I can’t help to point out that this is also the man that just a couple of weeks ago, was making fun of his girlfriend for wearing yoga pants around the house. (See here for a recap.) How quickly things change.

*CH calls all my yoga/Lulu pants “stretchy pants.” It’s a Nacho Libre reference in case you were wondering.





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