Olympic Garb

By now, you’ve probably come across the The Bay’s Canadian Olympic Team Replica Apparel Collection. The initial reviews have been mixed so why not add another opinion to the mix. Here’s what we think:

We sign off on both the men’s and women’s cardigans. Love the Scarlet Letter “C” because it’s kind of like we’re naughty for being Canadian! ($100). Next up, we throw our support behind both his and hers plaid flannel jackets ($125, see above) because plaid is always cool.

We are not however feeling the patches sewn on some of the items including the denim jacket above. Maybe it’s too many stressful childhood flashbacks trying to get all those badges at Beavers/Polish Scouts or maybe, it’s just because they look kind of ugly. The fabric badges are, according to The Bay, inspired by maple-leaf patches Canadians are known to sew onto their backpacks when traveling abroad. (We were never fans of that common ritual so maybe that’s another reason why this look doesn’t do it for us.)
The patches will be sold separately and The Bay expects them to be a runaway best-seller, much like the $10 red mittens during the Vancouver Games in 2010. Uh-oh.

Another miss for us are the Wordmark T-Shirts. As CH says: These look like they were bought at gas station somewhere along the TransCanada highway.



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3 responses to “Olympic Garb

  1. crankycowgirl

    That is one ugly jacket. They should have made it in acid-wash denim so at least it would be slightly ironic. The Olympic garb was way better when Roots designed it.

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