An Angel’s Marathon

Congratulations to Geoffrey Mutai and Firehiwot Dado, the men’s and women’s winners of Sunday’s New York City Marathon. See all the details here and more here. Some of the noteworthy pre-race fashion coverage included’s double bill: a story on tips from five style-minded athletes and a slideshow of the best, and stylish no doubt, running shoes.

But my favourite marathon-related story was yesterday’s post on New York magazine’s website. The article was about how Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima preps for the annual televised VS fashion show, taping this week in New York. One of today’s best fashion writers, Amy Odell details how Lima goes on a liquid diet, works out twice a day and 12 hours before the taping, drinks nothing at all. Odell goes on to say that the show’s stylist compares the prep to training for a marathon. Yes, seriously.

“The Victoria’s Secret model’s athletic pursuit, unlike a professional athlete, is only the appearance,” writes Odell.

Marathoners amaze me with their discipline and strength but like Victoria’s Secret Models apparently, I also worry about what they do to their bodies. But I will save that for another post.

In other marathon-related news, CH wants you to know that Mark Messier, the pride of his hometown and former Oiler, now NYC icon for leading the New York Rangers to their first Stanley Cup in 54 years, also ran the marathon. It was his first.

I say we need to discuss Madonna and Messier one day. Did you know they dated?


Shoe photo by Tommy Ton for
Paul Coffey, Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky in 1982, photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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