Detroit Lions vs. Nickelback


She says: Last week, while working on a post for my day job, I was writing about designer Treana Peake’s Vancouver-based line Obakki. Now based in Vancouver, Peake grew up in Hanna, Alberta. Yes, the same town that also gave us Nickelback. In fact, Peake is married to Ryan Peake, the guitarist for Nickelback.

Last week, Nickelback went head-to-head with the Detroit Lions fans, so to speak, after it was announced that the Canadian band would be playing the halftime show at the big Thanksgiving game and fans were not pleased. Rightfully so, we say, the Lions fans thought one of the many famous Detroit acts like Eminem or Kid rock should take the stage instead, and had some harsh words for Nickelback in an online petition.

Although I am not a fan of the band, I kind of feel bad for the Nickelback boys and think they should pull out, if only because there are no crazier fans in North America than NFL fans (I’ve seen it with my own eyes at a Chicago Bears game). Otherwise, make sure to have some serious security that day.

He says: Who cares about Nickelback, let’s talk football! The biggest story of the 2011 season is the resurgence of the Lions.

For the first time ever or at least it seems like ever, the Detroit Lions are relevant and charging towards a playoff spot, led by young stars Mathew Stafford, Ndamukong Suh and Calvin Johnson. We would be remiss if we did not mention that Suh and Johnson carry two of the best nicknames in all of sports: Chaos N. Suh and Megatron (Calvin Johnson). How can you not root for this team?

Well-deserved it’s beautiful times ahead for Lions fans as the team is loaded with young stars. This leads us to there upcoming Thanksgiving game against the World Champion Green Bay Packers. Chances are good that we could see an 8-2 Lions team matching up with the 10-0 World Champions, in other words the biggest game of the entire season. Did we mention they are playing in the same division?!

Photos: A look from Obakki and Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions star receiver.


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