The Evolution of the Yoga Pant

Last week famed illustrator/blogger/photographer Garance Doré wrote a post titled, “The Mysterious Allure of the Yoga Pants.” It detailed her experience of having to defend wearing yoga pants first thing in the morning to her boyfriend Scott Shuman (a.k.a. The Sartorialist). She was heading to a yoga class at 5 p.m. and thought since she was working at home, she could just put on her yoga pants in the morning, much to Schuman’s dismay apparently.

When he thought it was odd that she would stay in her yoga attire all day and even laughed at her (the girl works at home for goodness sake), Doré went on to tell Schuman that he has no idea how many looks she gets from guys when she’s walking to-and-from her yoga studio in said pants.  She had the last laugh when he realized she was telling the truth.

I wear yoga pants all the time while I am working at home before my 5:10 p.m. yoga class and even brave the streets for 15 minutes some days when I pop out to get an afternoon coffee. And I hate changing at yoga so I too walk to yoga in my workout wear. But this post is not about how many looks I get walking to yoga (none for my pants, I would say) nor is it about not wearing leggings (yoga pants included) as pants because my friend Leah has that covered as does  Searching for Style’s Alexandra Suhner Isenberg who often rants about the subject. But this post is about the evolution of the yoga pant.

Both CH and I have been doing yoga long before it was cool (I kind of sound like a stuck-up biotch yogi saying that but it’s true). And when we first started, the yoga pant style was long and loose. Most of the girls, and very few men back then, would wear long, ankle-grazing yoga pants that were loose all over or at least flared at the bottom. Over the years, it’s as if all of a sudden, there is a shortage of material. Yoga pants have gotten shorter and much tighter. I’ve noticed very few yogis wearing loose and long pants to yoga anymore. I’ve always been a fan of the 3/4 length but I too have started to rock the tighter fits in the last few years. Maybe it has something to do with hemlines, like pants get tighter as the economy slows? Yes, the yoga pant index. Or maybe it’s because yoga is more mainstream now and the fashions have, sadly, evolved into something bigger than yoga (and not in a good way). More on that to come.

In the future, we’ll also discuss how you should never wear short shorts to yoga class.

And one more note on The Sartorialist, it looks like he too is now noticing girls in yoga pants on the street. Yesterday’s style photo was of a woman wearing, you guessed it: leggings as pants.



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