PGA Tour Year In Review: Top Grades Part 2

Comeback of the Year Award: Adam Scott

Welcome back Adam! It feels good to have Adam back near the top of the golf world order. A WGC victory at Firestone, a great T2 showing at Augusta and a total of seven Top 10s moved him into the Top 10 in the world. Practising a little more and spending less time with terrible actresses (hi Kate Hudson) and overrated tennis stars (yes, you Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova) seems to have been good for his game.

The now not-so-young Aussie always looks good on the course. Maybe a tad too conservative at times (we’ve seen the same outfit on a few occasions), but for the most part Adam is always dapper wearing pieces from his new clothing partner Aquascutum.
Game grade: A

Style grade: B+

She says: “People tell CH he looks like Adam Scott so he has a soft spot for him, and that hair. Just saying.”

Cash Money Yo Award: Bill Haas

We can’t have a year in review without giving props to our 2011 Fedex Champ Bill Haas. With the drama seemingly sucked out of the playoffs, his up-and-in-from the hazard at East Lake was truly memorable.

When it comes to style, hopefully Bill can buy some new clothes with the 11.3M he won at the Tour Championship. I think a good rule of thumb is to not dress like you father, so let’s leave it at that.  “So today I was thinking about matching the purple striped shirt with the baggy, pleated khakis…” Just stop it please, we’re begging you!
Game grade: A

Style grade: D

Out of Nowhere Award: Webb Simpson

Webb Simpson had a massive breakout year on the PGA tour, winning twice and almost pulling out the “Money Title.” We weren’t thrilled with him signing up for the McGladrey Classic at year’s end (we still have no idea what McGladrey does or who they are).

With a great golf name like Webb (think Ty Webb in Caddyshack), we were hoping for a bit more Ty Webb style (see above). Unfortunately, this is not the case for the Simpson Webb. But, to his credit, Simpson might be the most likely to succeed Phil for having the best chest on Tour. “So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.”
Game grade: A
Style grade: C-


She says: “Who doesn’t love Chevy Chase?”

Photos: Getty Images


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