Native MJ

I was visiting a dear friend in Vancouver back in June and one morning, we were window shopping in Gastown. We stopped in at our friend Michelle’s shop for a quick visit. While we chatted about the Vancouver riots, two young men walked in. I quickly learned that one of the guys was Damian, also known as one half of the duo behind the popular Native Shoes.

Right away, Damian pulled out his phone to show us the fruit of his latest labour: a boot collaboration with Marc Jacobs.

“Is Marc nice?” my friend asked. Damian said he had yet to speak with Marc himself. Whatever. It was still impressive.

Yesterday, I got my weekly e-mail from Marc Jacobs. Sadly, not the Marc Jacobs either but from whoever sends out his company’s e-newsletter. The subject: The Marc Jacobs for Native Jimmy Boots Have Arrived.

If you want a pair ($95) go here and definitely read the Scout Magazine interview with Damian here.




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