Pumped Up Kicks

Last week, my former colleague at FASHION and friend Kate MacLennan (a.k.a. @curiouskeeks), who also happens to be an avid surfer, tweeted: “Is there really a place/occasion to wear an athletic heel?” She was responding to @GrindTVSurf’s tweet: “Pro surfer, @LauraEnever‘s signature shoe. More randomness in SURFER Mag’s ‘Week In Review.'”

The answer my friends is of course, “No!” And yet, there is something amazing about this photo.
“Amazingly ugly,” he says.

And just to get one more fashion-sports connection out of the way, Australian surfer Laura Enever was last seen in the Nike fall 2011 campaign alongside six other female athletes. The photos were shot by Ms. Annie Leibovitz.

P.S. We really wanted to call this post “Snump” until we learned what that meant in the Urban Dictionary.
P.P.S. Google “Sneaker Pump.” Just do it! (Sorry, had to.)



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